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your time

A boat is a special place, just for yourself, in which to make a moment unforgettable. Cruising means leaving out noise and haste, to focus completely on your well-being. What if that boat could be yours, for as long as you need?

Relaxation and fun

A charter boat can be yours for an entire day. You can take advantage of a long and fresh morning of rest, among the sweetness of waves and sea breeze; or you can let yourself be embraced by the unforgettable sensations of an afternoon of fun on board, with your closest friends.

The network

Vanilla Sea is the gateway to the Capoforte and invictus network of authorized charterers. A world of refined atmospheres, lightness, exclusivity and true Italian style. Today, entering this world is easier than ever.


All partners work with top-end quality standards, controlled and verified directly by our Organization. You won’t need to worry about anything.


The network is extended throughout the entire European territory. One of our chartering hubs may be very close to you!


Check our rental conditions and find the formula that best suits your needs. Your experience will be tailor-made!

Italian style

Let yourself be embraced by the atmospheres that make Capoforte and Invictus icons of Mediterranean elegance. Choose whether to indulge in a peaceful sunset with your family or a sparkling day with friends.

The range

Each desire takes different forms. The Capoforte and Invictus ranges include boats suitable for the most diverse needs, from configurations that maximize deck space to solutions featuring large cabins and pleasantly shaded lounge areas.

Breathe freedom

Thanks to the services offered by our network, you will be able to access new dimensions of comfort, relaxation, lightness and fun. The pleasure of a day aboard an exclusive Capoforte or Invictus boat is finally within reach.

Farewell to worries

Our rental formulas will leave you free from any worries: our dealers will take care of the maintenance, care and storage of the boat. You will only be left with the emotion of a precious moment, of the reflection of the light on the water, of a toast with the wind in your hair.

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