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You only need to purchase a fleet of at least two
of our Capoforte or Invictus boats from a wide
range of models between 19 and 46 feet.

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For the ultimate control and customization options,
purchase your boat directly from our shipyards

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Vanilla Sea is the Network reserved to professional charterers who have chosen Invictus Yacht and Capoforte Boat for their fleet: two brands that perfectly match the needs of the rental market, offering usable spaces, aesthetic refinement and versatility of use, for the best commercial feedback.

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As an official member of the Vanilla Sea chartering network,
you’ll gain access to a dedicated suite of marketing materials (P.O.P.)
to raise your visibility, such as window decals, flyers, and flags.

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Aschenez Shipyards:
Where Tradition Meets Excellence

Aschenez Shipyards is a renowned Italian boat builder, driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation. At Aschenez, refined craftsmanship meets tradition, resulting in unmistakable Italian quality. We strive for excellence, always staying true to our origins. For years, we’ve crafted a diverse range of vessels, catering to discerning owners worldwide.

Discover our Brands

Two brands at the top of their respective segments


The perfect synthesis between beauty and usability,
the intense emotion of living in a comfortable space,
completely immersed in the natural scenery,
generates the Invictus spirit.


We were born looking for the horizon.
The tides have caressed our roots,
the strength of the winds has shaped our soul
and fueled our most ambitious dreams.

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